Meet Three Bees Co.

Meet Three Bees Co.
My name is Deanna and I am the owner of Three Bees Co. I officially launched Three Bees Co. in the summer of 2018. I can’t believe how much time has passed since I held my breath and clicked “publish” on the Three Bees Co. website. The vision for this sweet company came long before the reality of it. I used to dream about opening Three Bees while I was working as a project coordinator at a large US bank. I loved my job, but I could feel the tug for something more, something that I could create and build from the ground up. This dream wasn’t just mine though, it started in 1949 with my great grandmother, Lillian Creighton.
My great-grandmother, far right, shows Mrs. Mildred Beckwith of Otego how to operate a sewing machine during the first training classes.
Seventy years ago Lillian opened Oneonta Plains Manufacturing Co, in Oneonta, NY. She coined the term “Girl Boss” way before it was a popular internet tagline. She hired 50 employees immediately, with another 50 right behind them. My grandmother and grandfather were employed there too. My dad and his siblings grew up in this factory and I love to hear all the colorful stories they tell from their time spent together working the machines. It is easy to see that my love for clothing manufacturing comes from a deep rooted heritage, and for that I am so thankful!
Speaking of family, can I tell you about mine? They are a huge driving force of this business, so it is only fair that they get a proper introduction! My husband, David, and I have been married for thirteen years. The past decade has blessed us with three children, and pretty good ones at that. Samuel (Sam), our oldest son, followed by our daughter, Emilia (Emi), with Benjamin (Ben), our youngest son, rounding out the group!
With three little bees buzzing around, we are lucky to have such a great beekeeper, David. David and I met in college. He was attending the University of South Carolina Upstate and I was at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. In typical college fashion, we met on Spring Break in Cancun (I’ll save that story for another time) and we’ve been together ever since. When we aren’t eating pancakes, spending time by the pool, watching games at the soccer fields, attending church, or hanging at our hive, you can find us creating and selling children’s clothing. Over ten years together we have accumulated three babies, two dogs, two cats, six chickens, countless Disney trips, a house we built from the ground up and thousands of...bees! The combination of our bees, our babies and our passions gave way to the name Three Bees Co.
In 2021, my sister in law, Chelsey joined the team and was a powerhouse from the day she came on board! She transitioned perfectly into Three Bees Co. and picked up on all things embroidery. As the company continues to grow, you can look for her mark on all ready to ship items, social media and customer service. She and Steven have three beautiful children: Cameron, Carson and Charlotte. And can't forget about their sweet dog, Peaches. Her passion for children's clothes and helping our customers with custom orders is contagious and she always brings excitement and joy to the work.
Thank you for trusting our family with yours. We don’t take the privilege of helping clothe your kids for granted! We appreciate your support and will always cherish the opportunity to be a part of each one of your lives. This time spent with children is precious, as you well know, and we love that you want Three Bees Co. to be a part of it! Our hope is that over the last year you have been able to dress your babies in outfits they love and that Three Bees Co. will always be remembered in the snapshots you take of your children during moments filled with love, happiness and childlike mischief.